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In our On-Going commitment to providing America's Songwriters with access to the very best —

Buy Our Professionally Produced TRACKS in an mp3 music file For ONLY $1.99 PER SONG

HillTop Records owns the copyright to the Tracks, but we will grant You a non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide License to use the TRACKS.

The professionally recorded Tracks are yours to use, forever, but You must make a substantial addition to the TRACKS. You can:

Write a melody and add your recorded vocal (s) or your recorded instrumental (s) to the tracks. Rap to them. Use them to perform the song you have written to them. You may add to the Tracks in any way you want.

You must read and consent to the non-exclusive LICENSE AGREEMENT and pay only $1.99 PER SONG for an mp3 file and $1.99 PER SONG for a PDF file of a lead sheet.

FYI — these TRACKS are NOT produced using a garage band! These Tracks are digitally recorded in a professional recording studio played by great Los Angeles based studio musicians.

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