The HillTop Records

It has been our privilege at HillTop Records, Inc. to provide music production services to America's songwriters for over 24 years.

Our focus has been two-fold: first, to give you, the songwriter, a top-notch professional product that you can be proud of, and second, to achieve for you and your songs exposure and sales.

We have written the music to your words. Using top professional studio musicians, we have arranged and recorded your songs. We have released those professional recordings in beautifully packaged CD albums and in mp3 files, garnering sales for our songwriters. We have featured your songs on our websites, published them in songbooks and created eye-catching music videos for them.

In 2011, 2012 and 2013 we sponsored the HillTop Records Online Music Festival for Songwriters, created to promote America's songwriters and their songs. Writers entered their songs for free and were awarded over $12,000 in cash prizes. The winners were announced in press releases distributed through PR Web, and that linked to scores of online publications.

Bios with photos of some of our songwriters have been published on our website with "click to buy" options. Tens of thousands of promo CD albums have been mailed out along with press releases to countless newspapers and publications.

Over 77,000 songwriters have sent us nearly one million songs for review. Now, after 24 years, we are closing our doors. Some of us are going on to new challenges; some of us are retiring. Our award-winning arrangers and musicians will keep busy with studio gigs, producing and live performances.

It has been our honor to work with America's songwriters. We thank you for entrusting us with your compositions, and from all of us at HillTop Records… We wish you all the best.

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